My top things to do in Brisbane!

The Grand Arbour South Bank Parklands


A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Brisbane for work. Having never been to Australia I had no idea what to expect. Apart from the occasional Aussie accent and sportsmen (cricketers) on television I had no idea what to expect. While on my flight to Australia I got to chatting with a flight attendant who revealed that Australia was her favourite place to layover and Brisbane was  her best city. By then I was even more intrigued to experience the place. I hope you enjoy my take on things to do in Brisbane.

Brisbane Skyline

Brisbane central business district

After visiting Sydney, the city of Brisbane was a welcoming, relaxing breath of fresh air! The city has a distinct, undeniable laid back feel that encourages you to slow down and take it all in. It felt a little like Sydney’s laid back little sister. When I finally got to touring the city I was genuinely impressed with the attention to public space and the attempts to create a unique sense of place within the Central Business District. Some of you may know that I did Urban Planning at Uni so these little details always stand out to me. On this trip I had the pleasure of meeting someone who had a hand in many of the decisions that is putting Brisbane on the map as a new world city. The result is very inviting public spaces, that provide the backdrop for an amazing romantic getaway or family vacation.

St. Johns Cathedral Brisbane

Here are some of my tips on what to do if you’re visiting the lovely city of Brisbane. Whether you’re visiting for work, a short stopover, a family adventure or a romantic rendezvous, Brisbane has something for everyone.If you only have a couple of days for your next trip, check out the following tips to do to get the vibe of  Brisbane!

Queensland Gallery Museum

Visit the Queensland Art Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art. No city visit is complete without a full appreciation of its arts and culture. Read about my visit here. Queensland Art Gallery installation
Visit Streets Beach (if only to see that it really exists!) a inner-city man-made beach. The ‘beach’ is complete with white sand and grassy spots for picnics and splashing around with children.

Street Beach Brisbane

Explore the South Bank Parklands and visit the Botanical Gardens. Again this is an ideal spot for a long stroll or a little fun with the family.

Arbour walk Southbank Parklands Brisbane

Arbour Walk Brisbane

Wheel of Brisbane

Take a walk along the pedestrian and cyclist only Goodwill bridge for a great view across the river or take a city cat tour for views of the Brisbane skyline.

Brisbane Skyline

For a taste of nightlife Fortitude Valley often tops the list; however, South Bank Parklands did the trick for me. There are numerous great cafes, restaurants, bars and alfresco dining options for socializing. River Quay and Little Stanley tops my list, the vibe was fantastic and good for socializing and people watching.


Have you visited Brisbane? Share what you got up to and some tips in the comments below. If you’re a local let us know the best places to visit!


This post of was first written for my old blog. You are reading an edited updated version.