My thoughts on what makes Sydney special!


Sydney luxury vacation Jill knows beauty

When I first set foot on Australian soil I didn’t know what to expect!

Sydney would be the first city of my two and half week stay. I had planned this conference trip a few months in advance. After the long journey from Dubai I was ready to see what the city had to offer. Arriving in the early hours of the morning I zoomed through customs without much fuss. Thankfully I remembered to get my yellow fever immunization, as this was a requirement coming from the Caribbean. I visited in late September early October and I found the weather rather nice at the time. Armed with my bags and a renewed sense of excitement, I exited the airport for my friend’s house. 

Sydney luxury vacation

With every new place I visit I always ask myself the same questions. Will I be blown away? Will I instantly fall in love? Is it going to live up to it’s name? To me Sydney was like any other major city in terms of infrastructure, amenities, transportation and shopping. Sometimes a place is so well documented that we have preconceived notions of how things should be. This sometimes forces us to not live out our own experiences in that place. With that said I must admit that Sydney had to grow on me.

Sydney luxury vacation

There are few places I have been where I instantly fell in love with the people, culture and just the vibe in general (hint hint Paris). So I was especially interested in seeing what made this city unique.

Sydney luxuey vacation

My first two days were spent simply people watching at Martin Place, The Rocks and the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is definitely a popular destination judging by the amount of people at every landmark and tourist spot. By the time I left I was still trying to put my finger on it. I was still trying to uncover what it is about Sydney that would keep me coming back?  What’s the sense of place, what’s the city’s story? 

Then I realized it….

Sydney luxury vacation

Sydney luxury vacation

I realized at the end of my trip that I appreciated Sydney not for the city life but for the juxtaposition of a bustling city and the laid back beach life it could provide. It’s strange because that’s not what I was expecting.

Sydney luxury vacation

sydney luxury vaction

I prefer the Sydney from the water’s edge!

What are your thoughts on Sydney? Let me know in the comments below!